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The Notice Centre 30s! Do you know? - About Technology

  Do you know that Google handles up to one Exabyte (1 million terabytes) of data running its services! Wow really a lot of data, yeah! About 1 trillion megabytes!

  Facebook, twitter and Google are banned in China.

  Wikipedia is 7th most visited website in the world! But its run by a non-profit organization, ever wondered why you dont see ads on them?

  Both Google and Facebook tried to buy Snapchat but the offers were turned down

  YouTubes co-founder was a former Facebook employee, wonderfully now YouTube and Facebook are the 2nd and 3rd most visited websites in the world respectively

  Instagram founder Kevin Systrom did not accept an offer to work at Facebook years before he created Instagram, wonderfully! Hes successful today!

  An automobile is assembled every minute at general motors auto-mobile assembly plants!

  Yahoo, Snapchat, Google co-founders hail from Stanford University

  Many high profile Technology Companies today Started in Garages, there seems to be something very special about them, if you own a Garage, appreciate it!

  The processors on our computer systems are complexly manufactured from sand, resources are not scarce, theyre everywhere

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  The founder of the world-wide-web is an MIT professor, wow! That college must be very good!

  Major breakthroughs in the technology industry spawned from ideas gotten from the IBM company

  So many internet services started being hosted on just one single computer system, today! They are so profitable and run on hundreds of thousands of high power servers, everything wonderful started from somewhere!

  Ever wondered who would answer our very curious questions if Google didnt come to pass

  So many things have not been invented! How about making a very wonderful one

  The first ever website created using the World Wide Web is still available on the internet today!

  Amazon web service is worlds number one cloud computing company, guess we all knew amazon just for shopping!

  Alibaba online shopping giant founder was first introduced to the internet when he was over 29 years of age; its never late to start anything!

  Facebook got over 1000 sign-ups after a day of its first launching, thanks to a social Harvard university

  LinkedIn is 4th most popular social networking service gaining almost one new sign up per second but doesnt have a very high rate of active users! Maybe people feel the Social Network is too complex to make use of

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  Snap Spectacles lets you take photos with your glasses- how cool is that!

  Nikolas Teslas gift was a tower that would provide free electricity for the world! But it wasnt fully completed

  The first Dunlop automobile tire was manufactured by a vetenary surgeon John Dunlop!

  Hewlett-Packard (hp) is the largest manufacturer of laptops in the world!

  Think about the answer to this question- which industry is greater? Software or Hardware

  When the first ever computer was switched on, the whole power of the city where it was located shook for a second, think about how everything have been wonderfully developed! lets you customize your own wide variety of products and to either order it or sell it online, how about thats a very good idea!

  Websites we see today! were not as beautiful and high-defined as they were before, check out their photos when so many years ago, youll awesomely love development!

  The Linux operating system can be improved by anyone who wants to make an impact! Thats why its so special

  The first version of Facebook was written in about two weeks! Things are not that hard to create

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