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The Notice Centre Frequently asked questions and answers, solutions, difficulty solving and the guide to having a perfect user experience. (Powered by TNC rep)


This section consists of the questions asked by our wonderful users, they have been responded to appropriately, we put them here to ensure we have the best user interaction network, they have been put here to solve any case where another person might have the same difficulty, this has been effectively done to increase the joy on the side of our users, if you have any issue you want to be addressed right in this place to happily create the best user-friendly network for other users of The Notice Centre platform, contact us here, please note that this support Centre will be regularly updated from time to time in order to improve and progress our user-friendly network to its very best rate.


I have subscribed yet I can’t see my profile, why?

The Notice Centre wants you- our amazing user to know that subscribing to The Notice Centre platform is not the same as signing up as a member, subscribing to The Notice Centre platform entitles you to wonderful information and regular updates on The Notice Centre platform but signing up is what entitles you to full amazing membership quality where you can post your awesome articles, create an awesome profile, engage in wonderful interaction, invite other people to check-out your wonderful work and keep growing in the happy environment, if you have not signed up, click here to sign up

I have been using The Notice Centre platform but I’m not really getting the very best interaction I desire

Please we apologize if this is a case you are involved with, we at The Notice Centre Team always try and will keep improving to have the very best and most friendly user interaction network, you matter a lot!, if you feel you are not getting the desired result you want, kindly Get in touch with us here so we will surely resolve it and increase the joy on your part


I have registered but haven’t had access to my profile, why?

Ensure you immediately confirm your amazing membership through the link which would be sent to the e-mail used in signing up in order to start enjoying the wonderful features of The Notice Centre amazing membership, your account is to be confirmed in order to fully enable your membership, always ensure you use the right e-mail address


Not finding the site so easy to use?

Always be assured that The Notice Centre is always improving and making easier and friendlier the user interface of The Notice Centre Platform at every usable moment, if there is any way the user interface of The Notice Centre platform is not comfortable for you, kindly notify us here so it can be improved to provide the best interaction for both you and all the users of The Notice Centre platform.

I have suggestions for improving The Notice Centre Platform

The Notice Centre always want you to know that you are our number one priority, if you have any suggestions for us to improve and take to the very best rate The Notice Centre Platform usage both to you and every other user, joyfully Reach out to us right here


How can I schedule my posts for a future moment?

When you click the button to post a new entry, check for the button which says “more options”, click on it and you will see a checkbox which says “schedule my post for future”, click on it, make sure you set the date and time to your desired future date, then post the article, it automatically posts when the set future time comes, then you can enjoy doing this other times so you can keep up with the wonderful interaction maybe when you’re not currently available

I want to know so much more about the Notice Centre

The Notice Centre takes every user as the number one priority, to know more about us, you can visit the about us page of The Notice Centre platform, click the orange button at the top right side which says “The Notice Centre- full description”, you can access the full description file from there, if you feel you have not gotten enough information, always willingly contact us here and we will surely provide you with the information you desire

I want to suggest more information to be added to my profile

The Notice Centre team wants you to know that we always work to the very possible best to provide you with what you always want, the information added to profiles is actually a general situation, it applies for every amazing member, if you suggest any other information to be added to the personal profile info, feel free to let us know, then we can conduct a poll where every other user will review and put down their opinions, if the users wonderfully respond to it, it will be added to the profile info with great appreciation to you

Maximum number of invitations sent?

Actually there are no daily limits for the number of invitations sent by a member but a maximum of 50 outstanding(pending/unanswered) invitations is allowed per User, if you invite so much people to Make efficient use of The Notice Centre, we so much love you for that!, thank you so much but invitations has to be assigned to a maximum number of 50 pending invitations per user, still wonderfully check when the invitations are replied! then you can send so much more, thank you! we so much cherish you!

I love everything about The Notice Centre

We really appreciate you if you are in this category, be sure that we are always working hard to make your joy increase every day, ensure that you have the very best user interface and interaction  and always make you have the very increasing perfect environment, we are always progressing even at the very best state


 Can’t find what you’re looking for? E-mail us now! We really have to respond to your request


Always know that The Notice Centre Team is always and would never stop improving even at the very best rate for you to have a very wonderful user interface and interaction, we love you! And that's why we're distinct.


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